Seven Reasons to Stay in China

Seven Reasons to Stay in China

why you should leave, now here’s the other side of the story: seven compelling reasons why maybe you should stick around just another year… or ten.

1) Quality of life

China is increasingly livable. Many of the inconveniences that used to make China a nice place to visit but not a great place to live are disappearing fast. Not only can you now find cheese and coffee (and not just Nescafe) in most of the supermarkets, but the overall standard of living is rising throughout China, for Chinese and foreigners alike. China is more connected than ever, with high speed internet available at low costs, high speed trains, and affordable airfares bringing thousands of people to and from China every day. Online shopping means that it is no longer necessary to beg your friends to bring back the latest bestsellers or edible goodies on their trips home. Instead, the things you want are available on sites like Taobao. The quality of medical care is improving to the extent where foreign women no longer feel the need to go to Thailand or Hong Kong to give birth and, especially in the larger cities, your kids can be educated to international standards. Whereas some parts of China are still a bit rough around the edges, China’s second and third ties cities are developing fast, increasingly catching up to the living standards of China’s major metropolises. But for those who still want to escape the fast-paced world of the big cities, China still has plenty of smaller towns that have been well preserved, like Dali or Yangshuo, but which offer up a comfortable existence where you can rent a nice house on water without giving up flush toilets or espresso.


While much has been said about how having experience working in China actually positively or negatively affects ones resume, it is hard to deny that in a global era, one can spin his or her China experience into something rather advantageous given the right set of circumstances. Expats who become fluent in Chinese especially will have another resume booster. Aside from the resume boost, being part of an international community puts you in touch with people, cultures and ideas that you might not have been exposed to had you stayed at home. The possibilities for networking are endless – whether your goal is to form a multicultural funk band, to finally write that novel, to build an import/export empire, or to start up a small cafe, in China you will meet people who can help you make it happen. Because you’re already in China, you’ve already taken the initial plunge, so you might as well stick around and get the most out of it. In China it can also be easier to make things happen – startup costs are likely cheaper and you’ll have already established a network of friends, your “guanxi” (Chinese and foreign) who are in the know, or know people in the know. Real estate costs in China are rising, but unless you’re in one of the major metropolises they’re still a fraction of what they are back home. If you have a China dream, stick around and make it a reality.

3) You have a family here

If you have a family in China, that is, you’ve married a Chinese citizen who doesn’t want to move abroad, then your reasons for staying in China have already been outlined by your partner. But even if you don’t have a Chinese family, you could! Many relationships break up because the foreign half eventually has to return home, but that doesn’t have to be the way it ends. Staying in China because of a relationship is a legitimate choice and many multicultural families make it work for a variety of reasons. For Chinese spouses who have limited appeal to the job market back home and who have family ties in China that they don’t want to give up, having a foreign partner who is willing to stay in China takes a lot of pressure off of the relationship and may clear up certain family objections. So if you’re thinking of breaking up with a guy or a girl who you love because you have to go back home, think about the possibility of staying.

4) The economy

Let’s face it, now is just not the best time to repatriate. The last thing you want to do is return home and spend all the money you managed to save in China (if you saved any at all) while you look for a job that never materializes. Jobs are tough to find these days and recent returnees may find that they are competing for the same mediocre jobs with hundreds of other candidates, many of whom are probably better qualified. A friend recently shared his experience returning home from China to America, where he tried to apply to be a substitute public school teacher but found that a job that previously was open to housewives and retirees now had even PhDs applying. Especially for career teachers, the academic job market back home is looking fairly dismal. In China, on the other hand, salaries are rising and the opportunities to find work in China outside of teaching are growing. While those lacking experience and education may hit a brick wall in China, for qualified old-China hands there are loads and loads of opportunities that beat working as a barista in Starbucks (as one of my college educated friends back home is doing!)

5) The land

While China has scores of enormous cities, it also has amazing travel destinations, landscape and natural wildlife. Once you get the hang of it, traveling around China is relatively easy and affordable. Home to some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, and one of the worlds oldest civilizations, you can travel around China for a lifetime and still not see all the scenery and historical remnants it has to offer.

6) The people

Though culture gaps may always remain, Chinese people, generally speaking, are extremely warm and welcoming. While you will probably never fully assimilate into Chinese society, the patience and generosity of many Chinese people does a lot to overcome initial cultural shock and linguistic difficulties. Though navigating friendships in a foreign country can be difficult, and both sides don’t always want the same things, it is possible to make deep and lasting friendships here. Many people don’t hesitate to invite you into their homes, or to family celebrations, and establishing relationships with friends, coworkers, and neighborhoods offers not only help, but a lot of insight into Chinese culture.

7) The hype

Whether you buy into it or not, everyone and their dog is talking about China these past few years. If you believe the hype, China is set to be the world’s next superpower, and you’re right here in the thick of it. Even if you don’t believe the hype you can capitalize on it! No matter how you feel personally, China has captured the worlds’ attention and being on the ground and “in the know” can be to your advantage. Not only that, but the sheer experience of living in China at this particular moment in time is irreplaceable. There are advantages to staying in China which go beyond the material. One day you’ll look back and say “I remember China when,” and will have stories to tell your future (or current!) grandchildren. You’re living an adventure here in China, so why give it up? Ride the China wave as long as it lasts. You’ll know when it’s time to go home, and that time hasn’t arrived just yet.

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