Preview Effective English Teaching

Effective teaching English teaching is that we now the most important guiding principle, what kind of teaching is effective? How can we achieve effective teaching? How to get the students progress from teaching? This is a question we prepare teachers for each lesson is the need to be considered.
First, on effective teaching
Effective Teaching (effective teaching) the idea originated in the 1950s western scientific education campaigns, particularly by the United States under the influence after the effectiveness of teaching philosophy and behavioral psychology pragmatism approved motion (in the United States Mercer (Mursell ) represented), this concept appears frequently in English anthology. Effective teaching is the core of the current pursuit of the New Curriculum Reform Teaching Reform.
On effective teaching, the current point of view are:
1, goal-oriented definition. In this view, effective means of teaching students under the guidance of teachers successfully reached a predetermined learning objectives of teaching.
2, skills-oriented definition. In this view, effective teaching is an intellectual requirement, it requires teachers teaching the subject matter of the broad and deep grasp.
3, achievement-oriented definition. In this view, effective teaching should be able to improve student academic achievement. British scholar Jiliyake (c Kyriacou, 1986) In the "effective teaching school" monograph states: "Effective teaching is mainly concerned by some educational activities over how best to promote the learning of students." There are similar definitions : effective teaching is defined as promote student learning, the goal is to make teaching students to learn. Effective teaching means successfully achieved a clear purpose - to students willing to learn and be able to engage in teaching after teaching before teaching can not engage in learning.
In summary, the current popular Western scholars in perspective, effective teaching is to promote the development of teaching and learning, or that effective teaching is through effective teaching preparation, effective teaching and effective teaching evaluation activities to promote students' Teaching learning and development. In short, the debate about effective teaching focused on the determination on the basis of student-centered teaching is determined based on the result; or in the factors of teaching effectiveness as the center, stressed the importance of ideas.
Theorists argue a matter of opinion, of teaching practice has a certain significance. For teachers, better each lesson, so that every minute classroom full of students and teachers exchange and interaction, full of a sense of accomplishment of teaching and learning for teachers in terms of "effective teaching" means that teachers can effectively " teaching "effective" question "(and" listen ") students, effectively" motivate "students paint the fundamental starting point is the students; for students, effective teaching means that students" natural growth. " Comenius that "nature does not impatient, advancing only slowly." Effective teaching is the students to think independently of time and space. Student is the fundamental purpose.
Second, effective teaching approach
The so-called "effective", mainly refers to specific progress or development by teachers after a period of teaching, students receive. There is no teaching effectiveness, does not mean there are no teachers to teach the content or completely taught to recognize not serious, but that students have not learned or what students learn better is not good. If a student wants to study or learn, no gain, even if the teachers teach working hard also ineffective teaching. Similarly, if the students learn very hard, but did not receive proper development, but also ineffective or inefficient teaching. Therefore, whether the student progress or development is no effective teaching only indicators. Therefore, the fundamental goal of effective teaching students, teaching effective ways to change the way students learn.
Oxford edition textbook, the difficulty of English teaching large, high-capacity, span, vocabulary, large, multi-cultural blend of wide, multi-cultural background information, all of which must be included in a class which, it is almost impossible the task therefore is to do English classes learning process forward, forward to learning content, the study of the body forward, that is, to teach students to preview.
Third, the preview is to change the way students learn
What is a preview? "Modern Chinese Dictionary" gives a clear answer: "Students will advance the process of self-study homework is to listen preview." The rehearsal process is the self-learning process, that is integrated with their existing ability to independently identify problems, analyze problems , problem-solving process is the independent student understanding, memorizing process knowledge. Preview is extremely important stage of learning, which is characterized move faster, it is the essence of independent learning. In this sense, the core is the first preview of learning. Before teachers to teach students new text, first use has learned the knowledge and experience to learn new knowledge and understand its connotations, forming the initial impact, and a preliminary understanding on this basis, identify the difficult points, so that a new lesson in class attendance It can be targeted to improve classroom efficiency purposes, which is the significance of prep. Now, the new curriculum requirements to reduce the burden on students, improve students' ability to apply knowledge, thus improving efficiency in the classroom is imminent, and to improve the efficiency of the classroom is the preview of one of the most important shortcut
In "English curriculum standards" highlights the way students learn, the students began to regulate preview English text, is to transform the modern way of learning. Preview features are:
1, initiative
   Text preview process is the responsibility of students to recognize their own learning process, the students themselves to understand the text, the word preview, organize their own learning process, learning time, do not understand the word dictionary, the word is not used Dict read more several times, rather than passively listening to the teacher, taking notes, learning initiative in their own hands.
2, independence
  Prep course students gradually develop independent learning ability, teachers teach from dependency to self-play potential independence, the process of learning English shore own unique learning characteristics, the performance from my features. Of course, independent learning ability is inseparable guide teachers gradual.
3, experience
  Experience refers to the emotional and physical sexual activity and awareness generated by direct experience. Prep course the students themselves with the mind to think with their own eyes to read a book, listening to tapes with their ears, with their mouths read the word, text, heart to go with their own perception of the text, to experience direct experience culture.
4, issue of
   The problem is the starting point of learning, listening to the teacher in the classroom, students do not have time to digest, absorb and understand the content teachers teach, naturally, not asking questions. In the rehearsal process, the students themselves do not understand, do not understand the place in doubt the place is beginning to learn, to teach students in the classroom listening to the teacher, and to mobilize their own resources with which to corroborate preview, complemented in order mobilize the activity of thinking, to think deeply.
Fourth, the prep guide
One of the features Oxford edition of Guangzhou City junior high school English textbooks based on task-based teaching, large vocabulary, texts authentic, closer to high school students to maximize the actual social life, texts covering transportation, travel, fashion, movies, cartoons, environmental protection , natural science, biographies, family life, cultural history, classics adapted, theme novel, mass content, easily lead to student interest. With in-depth media technology, students get more and more relevant information channels for students to provide effective preview the necessity and possibility.
English Text prep mainly in three aspects: words, reading and cultural backgrounds. Before students to master their own prep methods, methods to guide teachers
(A) the word preview
Learning is a word of English teaching that must guide students to solve problems, combined with the existing vocabulary of students based on phonetic knowledge and ability to use the tool in teaching vocabulary to students to preview the main principle is not to become a word of text stumbling block, the basic requirement is to master a new lesson phrases, so that accurate pronunciation, meaning clear, but also for the four words would be spelled correctly. Specifically prep sequence is: 1 word pronunciation use phonetic reading out the word, there are difficulties can listen to tapes, imitating accurate pronunciation; 2 word formation to identify parts of speech, by association master word deformation, such as a new word tiring, tired distinguish spelling to distinguish the meaning, and distinction and try, tried similarities and differences. This is to expand the student vocabulary, memorizing word means to be. 3 word usage and word in the position corresponding sentence appears in the book, trying to translate a sentence, understanding the meaning of the word in the play; 4 word sentence dictionary, by making a corresponding word sentences, sentences have their own difficulties you can copy the example sentence dictionary; cultural background words 5 words provenance extremely expand, such as nouns danger, to find its form dangerous adjective adverb form dangerously.
(B) to read preview
Reading is a manifestation of self-learning ability of students to fully mobilize the existing knowledge base, to gradually master the use of books and multimedia. Students prep texts beginning, I do not know where to start, teachers want to list more detailed reading prep steps:
  1, the use of dictionaries or after-school comments, to find the text sentences, key, difficult, difficult to find the point, a preliminary understanding to be learned. In short, the preliminary read texts, guide students to master some common Extensive methods: sweep reading
(Skimming) and scanning for (Scanning);
 2, utilization deepen understanding of the text. First, students find articles or paragraphs thesis statement summarizing paragraph to the effect. Then answer simple questions, the article content preparation of teachers on some issues: Issue (before questions) before reading and after reading problems (after questions), there are five types of these two types of problems:
The first category: non-judgmental questions, multiple-choice;
The second category: why questions, such problems can find the answer directly from the textbook;
The third category: how questions, such questions can find answers from textbooks, but not directly refer to the sentence of the article;
The fourth category: Can not find the answer directly from the textbooks, but by the content of textbooks from inferred elapsed find the answer, we can identify the problem as a judge that the sentence is based;
The fifth category: students draw their own opinion from textbooks through judgment or evaluation.
Students just beginning to learn how to preview, the problem comes from the teachers (teacher preparation preview volume), the type of problem can be transformed every day; prep students to develop the habit, after accumulating a certain way, the problem can learn from each other within the team, so to answer companion to promote co-operative group expanded preview, students ask questions, identify problems, habits and ability to answer questions.
3, to understand the article, analyzing the structure, think about authors writing basic framework, to describe the basic writing text outline, lay the foundation for their own parodies.
  4, listen and imitate the speaker, repeat the dialogue and text, by reading, students pronunciation preliminary language and sense of language.
(C) the cultural background of the preview
      Only through cultural understanding, in order to truly learn a foreign language.
Oxford Textbook of articles about living abroad particularly, under the two comparison of Chinese and foreign cultures, students can learn and understand other cultures, while deepening their own national culture identity, both accumulated knowledge of foreign culture, culture and boast cultural consciousness. In 7A under, for example, the first unit by students around the world dubbed the day a State, the State mentioned are China, France, Canada, USA and Thailand, United Kingdom, Italy; geo-cultural monuments: the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Chinatown, water markets, Sichuan, Buckingham Palace, double-decker bus, Leaning Tower of Pisa, etc., limited time and content restrictions, the classroom teacher is almost no time to develop, but the teacher does not explain these cultural geography , customs, will affect students' understanding of texts, teaching effect is not satisfactory, but also affect the teaching atmosphere. However, when students use the Internet, newspapers, magazines, television movies, photos of friends and family tourism extensive resources, their first rehearsal relevant cultural background knowledge, the whole world for them to open a window, through their students targeted, systematic Find, can deepen understanding of the text, can also improve self-interest, and in the second day of classroom learning, you can also win the right to speak, to their knowledge growth, progressive thinking, psychological maturity of great benefit.
Effective teaching is twofold, first, effective classroom teaching, teachers rely on teaching, effective questioning and effective incentive, but if teaching real effect on students, the fundamental starting point is that students learn. Teach students to master effective learning methods, to form an effective learning strategy is crucial, and preview as the most important learning method has not been mastered most students, this is the learning gaps. We have to do is to start learning delayed, so that students take the initiative to start learning, effective teaching success can be more effective.
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