Notice for foreigners workingteaching in China

Notice for foreigners working/teaching in China

Ⅰ Prepararation before coming to China

The foreign cultural and educational experts shall complete the following two preparations before coming to China:

Mental Prepararation

The foreign cultural and educational experts shall complete sufficient mental prepararation before Leaving for China. You might have visited some views and interests of one or more cities of China?

In very short period before, but the communication with Chinese and the understanding of Chinese culture and custom are far from deep. This time, different from the previous visit, you are supposed to live and word with Chinese for one or more yeas in a country where the history,culture,tradition and social system are entirely different from those in your own country. The people of China are hospitable. As long as you consciously blend yourself into Chinese people and treat yourself as a member of them, you will get further understanding of China and its people and may ever form an inseparable relashinship with China and Chinese people.

Material Prepararation

The foreign cultural and educational experts generally have the traveling experience and are aware Of what kind of luggage and paraphernalia should be carried. Your host institution has prepared excellent living and working conditions for you. As is known to all, China is still a developing country. Except that some big-size and middle-size cities are in preferable conditions, the condions in romote areas in remote areas are much worse. However, in order to welcome the foreign experts, the host institutions have tried their best to make sure you are comfortable in life, convenient in work and have no latter worry. It is so good that the foreign experts have the mental preparations and are not overcritical in requiring the host institutions provide the same living and working conditions as in their own country.

Ⅱ The foreign cultural and educational experts shall provide the following materials to the host institution when applying for a job:

Personal Resume; Degree Certificate(copy); Recommendation letter written by professor of his country; Certificate of Teacher or relevant professional skill certificate; Evidence on marriage status; Health evidence(The foreign experts may ask for the Medical Examination Record of Alients made by ministry of Sanitation of China in the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country and do physical examination thereafter.)


According to the stipulations of Chinese law, the validity period of Medical Examination Record of Alients is 6 months. Therefore, the foreign experts should pay attention to the time for Medical Examination Record of Alients is valid within 30days desirable for handling of necessary formalities after entering China. Every item in the Medical Examination Record of Alients shall be filled in without blanks. The experts shall demand X ray film and original serology examination list of sexual disease and AIDS from the doctor,for after entering China,the sanitation and quarantine department of China will determine whether the Medical Examination Record of Alients is qualified according to the evidences.

Ⅲ After the foreign cultural and educational experts and the host institution formed the employment relationship, the uniform Standard Employment Contract made by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs shall be reached. In case the employment is by way of self-recommendation or other introduction, to ensure you are surely willing to take office in the institution, the host institution may require you render credit bail of $600-1000 in advance according to the stipulations of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs. After receiving the bail, the host institution is ready to handle the formalities for you to enter China. After you take office or before the contract expires, the host institution shall return the bail to you. Some institution may provide you the out and home international airplane ticket, but you are probably expected to buy the international airplane ticket in advance, which shall be kept as the credit bail and may be reimbursed before the vexpiration of the contract.

Ⅳ According to regulationa of Chinese government, where the employment term of foreign experts is more than 6 months, the host institution is obliged to sent the Confirmation Letter for Foreign Experts(original piece, which proves the identity of the expert, to the expert themselves. Only when the invitation letter and the Confirmation Letter for Foreign Experts are possessed can the foreign cultural and educational experts apply to the Chinese embassy or consulate in his country for visa for working/teaching in China(Z);where the employment term is less than 6 months, visa for visiting China(F) can be applied by the invitation letter presented by the engaging unit.

Ⅴ According to stipulations of Chinese law, aliens who hold the working visa shall handle the Residence Permit for Aliens within 30 days after entry. If it exceeds the term, a fine of? RMB500 per day will be imposed. We hope the foreign experts settle down the residence permit within specified term and such unhappy things as being fined do not happen.

The handling of Residence Permit for Aliens shall be based on:

Valid passport (working visa)
Foreign Expert Certificate
Authentication Certificate issued by the sanitation and quarantine department that confirms the qualification of Medical Examination Record of Alients

Ⅵ Chinese government specifies that all the foreign experts engaged for work in China shall settle down the Foreign Expert Certificate so as to differentiate from the Occupation Certificate of Aliens acquired by the foreign employees from the department of labor. The Foreign Expert who hold the working visa or visiting visa may acquire the Foreign Expert Certificate. The Foreign Expert shall return the Foreign Expert Certificate to the host institution when leaving China for the work in China has been completed. I n case the foreign experts want to keep the Foreign Expert Certificate as a memeria, the host institution may consent, but the certificate shall be concelled.

Ⅶ According to stipulations of Chinese government, for the purpose of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of foreign experts in course of living and working in China,the foreign cultural and educational experts shall enter into the Standard Emplyment Contract uniformly made by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs with the host institution and definitely stipulate in form of contractual attachment the working assignment and qulity, the salary,treatment and other matters the two paties consider the Standard Contract has not covered. All these comprise an integral contract.
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