I was so teach English in china

his year I took English teaching third grade, this is my first time teaching English, there is pressure there
Power, there is also worried look. How to make the fourth year of primary school students to learn English in English, based on this point, I do a lot of thinking.
English is the first step in the third grade of primary school students into the English kingdom, this time stimulate students' interest in learning English, Interested develop their English is very important, in addition they are new to English, you will feel new and interesting, you may love English more than other disciplines. Therefore, teachers should grasp this opportunity to stimulate students' curiosity, positive guidance, not to make the children lose interest in learning English, so in the classroom should be possible to carry out happy teaching, mainly as follows:
1, emotional mobilization. Teacher emotional high, the students' emotions will be high, frustrated teachers and students also boring. Visible student mental state depends on the mood of teachers. So when school teachers must be full of energy, physical and mental input, full, decent use of gestures, movements, facial expressions, posture and other body, language (body language), the creation of good language environment and atmosphere, to attract students' attention.
2. encourage students. Adults at work also requires leadership encouragement, let alone underage students, teachers to students immediate positive praise can improve students 'motivation to learn, the students' psychological development process will be gradually transformed into motivation to learn, produce interest.
3, through flexible teaching methods to keep students in the mood. Flexible teaching methods to stimulate students so that they remain in the excited state for a long time, but also allow students to maintain a good learning mood.

English teaching mentioned above are confined to the classroom, but out of consideration for the students physical and mental age, if only to limit the teaching of English in the classroom, the student is bound to soon forget the teaching content, so the teacher outside the classroom It should also be tried for the students to create a good environment for learning English, such as teaching students in extracurricular learning also frequently used in English, such as when borrowing something to know how to use "thank you", "you are welcome", encountered teacher To know how to use "good morning, teacher" or "good afternoon, teacher" hello, introduced from student life, can attract students' attention.
In short, the English teaching is a constant learning always new issues, every class, will have a new problem, so you have some new ideas, and urge you to find the root of the problem, explore new teaching methods. So I think as a teacher, must not slacken our efforts, to discover and solve problems, so as to make their own progress, teach your students will benefit a lot.
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