How to teach the English alphabet

I usually teach the English alphabet when, first allow students to observe the letter position in which the four-wire grid, and then write side Fan side speaks points, followed by writing and then let the students empty-handed, and finally put pen to paper for students to write 2 times, teacher visits and individual instruction. Each student's book is essentially determined
Write no problem, let them finish another six times. Develop good listening habits
English alphabet teaching, we should pay attention to students to see the teacher mouth, carefully listening to good habits. To enable prospective students to listen to the pronunciation of all, teachers should change position from different directions show the correct port type and range of reading the letter, the cultivation of good habits that should always run through the alphabet teaching.
Second, the students good writing habits
Before writing, should let the students know the four-wire three cells, know that each English letter in the four-wire three grid occupies a fixed position, while writing to pay attention to the correct sequence, uppercase letters written on two squares above to the top of the first line, write the following in the third line, which is up and down every touch line. Write in the case of 1,2 grid shall touch first, two lines; grid to touch the middle of a second, three lines; total 2,3 2,4 to touch the grid lines. Getting Started stage we require students to practice writing with a pencil, writing requirements specification, the number of jobs should be moderate. Third, the introduction of the teaching of letter
The introduction of the English alphabet letters presented in accordance with the teaching of cards -
Listen to the tape - see the teacher's mouth changes and listening - students imitate mouth and pronounce - teacher individually listen and correct pronunciation of students - teachers at four-wire three grid said, writing on the blackboard - Student book air - Students exercise book or copy of the letter on the writing process and were introduced with a rising, falling tone guide reading. When students practice writing teacher walked among the students to guide students to write letters correctly. In introducing consonants, for example Kk, starting | k | after tone hair | ei | sound, and then makes up | kei |, allow students to phonemes | ei | and | k | have initial impression, after learning of the word play the role of foreshadowing. The teacher does not require students to write phonetic, just let the students in constant contact in random memory, later will be able to spell simple words.
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