How to teach Eglish

"How to Teach English" (How to teach Eglish) is the author of British English teaching experts • Jeremy Hamer (Jeremy Harmer). In line to see this book, some people say it is a practical English teaching. After reading, I think, it is not so much specific teaching methods and techniques, as it is a teaching philosophy --ESA, namely: investment (Engage), study (Study), use (Activate). The book in the sixth, seven, eight, nine, ten chapters tells: how to teach language, reading, writing, speaking and listening, are also to ESA as the core concept.
In this book, compared with the specific teaching methods, I have learned more are some of the teaching philosophy. Book chapters very short, limited text more difficult to cover teaching methods, but some of it through elaborate teaching skills through the teaching philosophy to teaching. We can say that this book is for me, that was very useful. The following are some of the chapters of my book, understanding and perception.
What kind of teacher is a good teacher? Which for many teachers and we are ready to join in these teachers' cause people, it is a critical issue. The first chapter, on the one hand, the author questionnaire, the answer, about the following: interesting classroom teachers love their work and have their own personality, knowledgeable, accessible, friendly, concerned and introverted students opportunities for their performance, the right to help students correct their mistakes, know the students' names. As can be seen, student teacher's request not only for their own quality of teachers and teaching requirements, but also related to the teacher's character, along with the students. This requires us not only to learn professional knowledge and teaching basic principles required, but also know how to care about the students, the students needed to understand, handle the relationship with the teachers and students. On the other hand, the author also put forward some ideas on teaching. Teachers should pay more attention to students' learning, rather than their teaching situation. He cited an example, the teachers treat the students to be like parents treat young children, verbal language, body language, etc., must comply with the comprehension level of the students. For different levels of understanding of students should also take different teaching methods, which is also reflected in the six to ten chapters.
The third chapter how to organize teaching and learning, the authors from the instrument, dress, sound, etc., to seating arrangements, activity grouping, to adopt the new method, the assessment, elaborated how to organize teaching and learning. I learned from, in contact with the students, the moderation, sitting and standing distance eye contact with students and others have a lot of knowledge. Teacher's voice not only to let all students hear clearly, but also need to be changed, it will not let the students listened to sleep. Packet classroom seating arrangements, activities, different arrangements and packets may reach different teaching purposes. In addition, teachers should summarize the teaching, looking for a suitable teaching methods to improve teaching effectiveness. These need to try to figure out the intentions of the teachers. Teachers did not imagine so simple, not as long as there is sufficient expertise will be able to lesson Shanghao.
The fourth chapter is the focus of this book, it presents ESA's teaching philosophy, namely: investment (Engage), learning

Use (Activate). The author believes that no matter what the course content, teaching should have input, learning, the use of the three elements, but their sequence can be flexible. In my understanding is that investment, is to arouse the interest of students, for students interested in the content of your talk; the study is to learn about the specific content; the use of new students to apply the knowledge learned. The ultimate goal is to learn to use, and can apply the learned content, real learning. In this chapter author also introduces some teaching, but are only a rough introduction. I think, no matter what approach, provided that they meet the specific circumstances of the students, to achieve teaching objectives, teaching methods are feasible.
Chapter VI to the tenth chapter, the author describes how to teach each language, reading, writing, speaking and listening. According to ESA's teaching philosophy, different levels of students to take different teaching methods. Learning the language, learners must first contact with it, understand its meaning, to understand its form composition, and finally to the application. For different levels of students, you can take different rendering methods, such as relatively low levels of students, to take a more intuitive way; moderate levels of students, guided approach; high levels of students can make their own need to find the law. On the teaching of reading, selecting reading materials for students to learn, to make students interested; teach reading skills but also according to different reading purposes, the choice of different reading methods; and the author also proposes six principles to read. We put forward some suggestions on the teaching of writing, the author of the writing task selection, marking composition methods and writing problems. To encourage students, not let them lose confidence in writing. In oral teaching, the author describes four oral activities, and the role of teachers in oral activities were discussed. Correction of teachers to students should be appropriate to express only given after evaluation of students. On hearing the teaching, the authors encourage more to listen to different accents of English, as well as different listening materials. Selected materials also suitable for different levels of students, do not let them because do not understand and anxiety. In short, the different levels of students, teachers should be individualized.
Finally, for the correction, I think teachers should pay special attention. English as a foreign language, students study there will be all sorts of mistakes. How to correct them, without allowing them to produce negative emotions? If the student can self-correct course is the best, but in many cases, students are not aware of their mistakes. You can let other students or teachers to help correction correction. But it depends on the specific circumstances of the students make mistakes, and sometimes other students correcting mistakes will hurt students' self-esteem. It should be noted that the correction to be to encourage the attitude to guide students.
From "How to teach English," the book learned teaching philosophy, preparing for the future when a teacher for me, there is some help. Teachers have a good quality, excellent professional knowledge and flexible teaching methods, these are my learning needs attention. "Paper come Zhongjue, must know this practice is essential", when a teacher to have a lifelong commitment to learning and teaching more to consolidate their learning on the job.
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