Heuristic Interactive English Class

Interaction is reflected in primary school classroom with the New Curriculum and implementation of proposed and come to light. In the classroom, but also interactive means of communication, it is not only to impart knowledge to complete this process, but it makes the whole classroom of a more in-depth. We focus on the new curriculum is an interactive roles were reversed: teachers and supporting characters converted to supporting student teacher protagonist; is to enable students to learn from passive knowledge into active self-learning interest; cooperation is to make sense of competition : straight answer from the teacher converted to discuss cooperation and exchange student concluded. Promote interaction in the classroom is by activating the classroom atmosphere to activate students 'interest and eventually activate students' thinking. English as a new curriculum in recent years carried out together in primary school classroom. Its classrooms are quite alive. Interactive use in primary English classroom better reflect the vivid play their superior play. Interactive English classroom for students to acquire knowledge independent, fun-filled active use of knowledge of English, eventually innovation.
English classes in primary schools, since students are the initial English is limited, so the whole process of teaching English in primary schools, the teacher-student interaction a little more weight the eye. Teacher-student interaction is the interaction and impact of everything in between teachers and students. Some teachers use teaching methods and can lead to various ways to stimulate students' self-learning students own factors to promote active learning. Student interaction is present between teachers and students, a human interaction occurs between teachers and students, their teachers and students to interact with the body, and both teachers and students are equally important in the interaction, mutual body. Teacher-student interaction is an interaction and mutual influence process is two-way, affect the interaction between teachers and students. Moreover, this interaction between teachers and students and influence are not a one-time or intermittent, but a linear, continuous process cycle. It is the interaction of teachers and students constantly in a continuous and dynamic process of mutual influence. In the primary school English class, teacher-student interaction can be achieved through various links in the classroom clearly manifested.
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