China Travel Checklist-- What to bring with you while travel to China

China Travel Checklist-- What to bring with you while travel to China?

Home Checklist :
Arrange for pet and plant care
Stop routine deliveries
Make your home seem lived-in while away by putting lights and a radio on timers Turn down

Leave keys and itinerary with a friend
Lock windows, garage, and doors

Before you Leave:
Guide books and maps
Passport and visa(s)
Foreign currency of your destination country
Credit cards
Travelers checks or ATM card
Insurance: Trip Cancellation/Medical Personal Identification
Photocopies of documentation
Birth Certificate (if necessary)
Marriage License (if necessary)

Basic Essentials :
Appropriate Luggage
Luggage Locks & ID Tags (Do NOT Lock checked baggage)
Appropriate Clothing
Comfortable Footwear
Rain Protection
Camera and Film (Place film in carry-on baggage)
Telephone Plugs for Modem
Small Flashlight
Travel Alarm Clock
Small Binoculars
Brimmed Hat or Visor
Reading Materials
Playing Cards/Games
Address Book

Maintenance Items:
Batteries for camera and flashlight
Mini Sewing Kit (place in checked baggage)
Travel Iron or Steamer
Sink Stopper
Folding Scissors (place in checked baggage)
Laundry Soap Packets
Laundry Bag
Ziplock Plastic Bags

First Aid Kit
Aspirin/Pain Reliever
Cold/Sinus Medication
Diarrhea Medicine
Insect Repellent
Contact Lens Preparations
Antibiotic Ointment
Alcohol Wipes
Motion Sickness Medicine
Personal Hygiene Items
Personal Prescriptions

Dental Floss
Blow Dryer
Shaving Cream

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