All the Chinese legal holidays are paid. There are in total about 20 days a year, such as New Year Holiday, Spring Festival, Tomb-Sweeping Day, Labor Holiday, Dragon Holiday, Mid-Autumn holiday, National Holiday. Christmas is not a Chinese legal holiday. The dates of the holidays depend on the Chinese lunar calendar, so every year is slightly different. In China, we have the holiday switch shift system, for example New Year Holiday has only one paid leave, but we will have three days off in row, but we have to make up the two days in the previous week and in the following week. So you have to follow the school’s requirement on the holiday switch shift.
Most of our schools do not have summer and winter holidays. However, some kindergartens may have ten days off during the winter time after the Spring Festival. The Spring Festivals will be paid, other days will not be paid.
Yes, you can ask for days off other than the legal holidays, just tell us one week beforehand and you can get unpaid personal leaves.