We recommend bringing around 800USD in cash that you can exchange to RMB at the airport upon your arrival. Or put it in your credit card so you can draw it out at the airport from the ATM in RMB. We do not charge the teachers any money, but keep in mind that you will not be getting paid until after your 1st full month teaching.
You need to pay your health check up, own food, transportation, beddings, SIM card, electricity, water, internet, gas. Health check up is 650 Yuan. Meal is 20-30 Yuan each time. Subway card has 20 Yuan deposit which can be refunded if you leave Beijing and each journey is about 5 Yuan. Beddings are about 200 Yuan in total. SIM card is about 100 Yuan. Electricity, water, internet and gas which are about 200 Yuan/month in total. However the total amount of your monthly expenses is directly related to your spending habits, and also depends on how you budget your money. There is no set level as to how much your living expenses will be because it fluctuates according to your lifestyle. We know some single people who live on about $300 USD a month and others who push it easily over $1000 USD per month. It depends on how thrifty you are and how often you go out. $600 USD is pretty reasonable for a single person. This allows for dinners, drinks, nights out, movies, small weekend trips, etc.