​Junior middle school teach English in BeiJing essay

Junior middle school teach English in BeiJing essay as the first grade English teaching work, for the first students of their own characteristics: As most of the primary school did not open English, not enough attention to learn English attitude, but also because of their own inferiority complex, not speak English , Did not grasp the appropriate way to learn English, leading to class transfer can not learn the enthusiasm of English, students are only passive and passive to accept the knowledge, fail to achieve the desired results. However, the advantage of junior high school students is active in class, hands and brain skills, students have a sense of competition between each other. How to use this advantage in the teaching process! In practice, I deeply feel in the classroom set up the game, to activate the classroom, to mobilize students to self-learning ability, students interested in learning English, so that they become the main body of the classroom. Now talk about my classroom teaching some of the understanding and views.
 1, teach English in BeiJing classroom games to maximize the student's subjectivity From the perspective of access to knowledge, quality education that students are not passive recipients of knowledge, but knowledge of active learners. Bruner believes that should be "as much as possible so that students become autonomous and automatic thinkers." From the perspective of the development of capacity, the formation and development of capacity "always from the main positive process", if left the main body to continue to actively active, then there is no intellectual power at all. This is sufficient to show that the main role of students is to tap the greatest potential of students to promote the comprehensive development of students the necessary conditions. The key to the implementation of quality education is to awaken the subjective consciousness of education and to start the driving force of student learning. Because there is no education of the main conscious, students can only be a group of people driven by the lamb. Classroom game is the student's own activities as the center, students can generally brain, hands, moving a wide range of exchange of information, in a conscious subject position, for students to actively explore knowledge, development capabilities provide a wide range of space and depth.
 2, teach English in BeiJing classroom games are conducive to cultivating students' innovative consciousness and innovation ability to be creative, innovation is the modern society of human quality and another request. How to put the spirit of innovation throughout the classroom teaching, so that the classroom glow and vitality? The key point is that teachers in the teaching should give students to create an innovative environment. Classroom games happens to fundamentally change the boring state of closed teaching, so that students participate in the teaching process to. The game into the classroom, the teacher to teach the process of knowledge into a teacher under the guidance of students as the center take the initiative to participate in the active exploration of the process; to pay attention to impart knowledge into a curiosity, curiosity, creativity and development of students The potential of the learning process; the teacher from the truth of the spokesperson, the supreme authority, into a student of democracy, equality, freedom to self-show the process.

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