Importance of reading in junior high school English teaching role

Chinese people to learn to read Chinese, the Chinese people to learn English but also to read. Reading aloud is a commonly used Chinese traditional teaching and effective teaching methods, due to the lack of English-speaking environment, in addition to listen to outside, a very important means of learning is to read, read aloud, read, and then skillfully to recite.
Reading and help to stimulate students' interest in learning, to help students build self-confidence, develop good study habits, develop self-learning ability. Extremely rich to read, giving the joy of beauty, to cultivate people's sentiments, so the original theme, emotional, artistic style reflected in the reading, and the reading by distillation. So that students get the hearing and thinking ability in the reading culture, and develop in the reading.
Help students read the word, phrase memorizing. Since English is not the native language of Chinese students, in addition to our junior high school English class, usually not much exposure to English, learning English is relatively high rate of forgetting. Isolation, rote down words, phrases easily forgotten. And the word, the phrase in a sentence, the text, the contact below to seriously study and repeated aloud, help students memorize, easy to learn, easy to use.
Reading helps students understanding of texts and recite. When students read carefully, catchy later, to understand the text, recite the text is no longer a difficult task, as if ready to go, a matter of course.
But now the vast majority of middle school students read silently only, and are unwilling or afraid to read aloud in English. As we all know, English as a language, its essence is communication. The essence of communication is oral. Speaking as a primary language, she has been teaching English in the most important part. Let every student learn English is not only opening the primary task of our English teaching, but also the ultimate goal of English teaching. As a junior high school English teaching, and I have been exploring causes students' English deaf "and" dumb English "root causes. Through years of experience teaching English in the front line, I came to the conclusion that in order for each student to speak English, have from the outset, students focus on reading ability in English to enable students to develop a "daily reading, read aloud "good habits for the future" to lay a solid foundation for speaking and writing, "the all-round development, so as to continuously improve the overall quality of students. If we ignore the teaching of English reading in English will have poor hearing, poor oral expression, the negative impact of poor reading ability. So, in teaching students how we should read capacity?
First, let the students know the importance of reading aloud
As an English teacher, should from the outset that every student knows the importance of "reading" to make them from the ideological emphasis on "read" and read aloud in English as soon as possible to develop good habits.
1, to improve the reading ability of students to listen to English
Students in the process of learning English, speech and hearing material obtained is short-term memory, listen if you rely solely on them it is difficult to accurately identify hear text material, thus affecting the understanding of the material and listening comprehension; conversely , if the process runs through teaching English reading teaching, students will learn the words, Short Sentence even read the whole article by firmly memories in my mind, to reproduce the experience of hearing, it can quickly extract useful information to better improve the efficiency of English listening. Students read aloud and the sound is transmitted to the mouth of his ears, the brain will respond, show students not only read, but also listen to his reading, after repeated constantly reading training, which exercises the hearing.
2, help students reading a good sense of English language and improve my spoken English
During a time when physical growth and development of students, read aloud helps the growth and development of their pronunciation, hearing, breathing and other organs, often, perseverance English reading help students get a solid knowledge of English as a whole, better develop their sense of language. Reading aloud is to say the premise that only smooth read, will have fluent. Students frequently read articles such as to adhere to the need to say when you can say it. Has spoken aloud for obvious effect, students can speak standard English fluently spoken, not read, it is difficult to speak good English.
3, reading can enhance students 'memory and to enhance students' English writing skills.
Since the reading done while seeing, I said, hearing the three steps, of course, than what is written is written, or write to see something much more solid. The Reading way to remember words and sentences will have a multiplier effect, such a sentence: It's time to play with my friends I am busy studying now because I want to catch up with other students in our class if the sentence read familiar. students will remember the sentence It's time to do something. and phrases be busy doing something and catch up with. and remember to only to lay a good foundation for the future of writing and translation. As a student, read more English essay (especially recitation) is very useful for writing.
Second, cultivate students' interest in reading aloud
1, create a good environment, induced reading fun.
English as a Foreign Language, is the primary language classroom learning environment, teachers should be filled with enthusiasm, using a variety of innovative teaching methods, creating a lively teaching scenes, create a pleasant classroom atmosphere, so that every student has the courage to read, happy reading, teachers should strive to provide opportunities for them to read English, to give students adequate and timely recognition and encouragement, students confidence in learning English.
2, transform a variety of situations to stimulate interest in reading
In the process of teaching reading, teachers can transform a variety of situations to enable students to appreciate the joy of reading in the transformation, to stimulate students' interest in reading aloud. Also it is based on the work genre, style characteristics, by prompting reading, group reading, take individual with individual, collective and individual, collective and collective reading a variety of contexts. Such as Unit 6 Reading A, A teacher may allow students dressed as background sound or narration, standing in front of the classroom to the side, while the other two students were playing into the Einstein and the little girl on the Oxford English teaching three days in Canton, a student read aloud and make the appropriate dialogue when the two other students; you can also take collective and individual ways to perform, such as groups of students together to play a background sound or narration, the other two students were playing into Einstein and the little girl; and to be collective dialogue and collective form, such as three students playing the background sound or narration, two students play Einstein, and the other two groups of students then played a little girl like. In short, the collective reading help students read independently self practice, but also facilitate the process of teachers to students reading problems timely corrected; individual or sub-role reading, help teachers check and supervise student problems that occur when reading aloud.
3, arranged classroom stage, student talent show
Each student has a desire to learn performance, and hope to get teachers or parents affirmed. Teachers can use the psychological characteristics of students, allow students to freely arranged stage, enjoy to show their talent to further stimulate students' enthusiasm for reading.
1) reading contest. Teachers can pre-listed part of the text or let students find their favorite fairy tales, fables, poems or text books and other works. Let students in the classroom selected time game, so you can fully demonstrate the ability of students, teachers and students and get affirmation, positive reading will be higher, interest in learning will be thicker.
2) reading performances. Adapted drama students themselves, fables, stories, while reading, while performing so vast stimulate students' interest in reading, students in a pleasant, relaxed and harmonious learning environment, exercise their English skills.
Third, students reading skills
"Give a man a fish, as delegate to fish", in addition to our reading skills to inspire students to understand the specific content, more important it is to inspire students to learn to master reading skills, reading skills training in English teaching process is crucial important.
1) emphasize English sound, the difference between Chinese and rhythm. Chinese pay attention to all kinds of word tune with, and pay attention to the severity of the English syllable match. So we teachers guide students to read, the place to emphasize pronunciation, accent and mastering word sentence stress, with good lift transfer, pay attention to proper pause, master liaison skills and grasp meaning group or the like.
2) students independent ability to spell English words. Guide students to identify the phonetic symbols, spelling and English words and stressed syllable pronunciation rules and other aspects.
3) Students read the sentence independence (long, short sentences) of. In English reading teaching, teachers should guide students to pay attention to the first meaning of the phrase and ask them to remember the meaning of the phrase.
4) students independent reading paragraphs, chapters capacity. Look times alone understand sentences, paragraphs on the pages of English reading several times fell into place.
Reading aloud is a different form of reading, play important roles in learning English. By Ye said: "国文 and English, is the language discipline, dedication and eye should not only to learn; to be outside the mind and the eyes, mouth and ears, plus we go chant is the heart, eyes, mouth, ears and use. a learning method. "Thus, whether it is learning the mother tongue or learning a foreign language, reading aloud is important to learn the ways and means by means of a can.
All in all, we teachers should thoroughly practice, bold in exploration and innovation, we will find many effective measures and ways for students to develop an interest in reading in English, reading skills development, training of basic skills in English are a great benefit.
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