How to plan high school students learning English

Abstract: High school students from junior high school is entering a new turning point, the students must take a different approach to learning. Junior English major importance of knowledge and learning English grammar, and high school is focused on reading ability, students need to learn to utilize the knowledge of language, understanding of the article
High school students
From junior high school is entering a new turning point, the students must take a different approach to learning. Junior English major importance of knowledge and learning English grammar, and high school is focused on reading ability, students need to learn to utilize the knowledge of language, understanding of the article, and constantly improve the analytical skills, logical thinking ability and ability to use language. Therefore, in the learning process can not pull the dead sentence, rote grammar, but to the communication language, habits, and with more effort varied aspects of the language. But also pay attention to learning strategy, developed in line with their own learning goals and, from the outset, develop a good study habits, so that their confidence to learn English.
It specifies the requirements for high school English syllabus to master everyday communicative function altogether 41 projects. These terms are communicative dialogue early in high school textbooks in each unit expected. The first unit of the unit for junior secondary students entering high school, and textbooks on the arrangement of everyday language, have learned from the communication language leads to new dialogue. Such as how to introduce new friends bid farewell to the end of the term when talking to others, and how to delegate convey greetings to several methods of expression. These sentences are the British and American people frequently used the term in everyday life, but also covers hot spots.
Here a few suggestions:
First, carefully study the contents of textbooks prescribed, probably master the basic knowledge of grammar, word. Dalian New Oriental spring and autumn with a number of training courses that experienced teachers after the completion of a specific course sections and overall grasp of all the materials shared authority, while accompanied by synchronous phased exercise, believe the combination of this book for any combination of examinations a student who is very necessary, it is possible to improve learning efficiency to the maximum extent. During the class, students focus on requirements and supervision, so that "five to." When reading or watching the blackboard "eye" to; when you speak or repeat the "mouth" to; when listening to the teacher or classmates speak "ear" to; take notes or job "hand" to; to do more things at the "heart" to .
Second, after the completion of work under the class to choose a recording brought English listening, it should let you in freely can easily listen to the tapes, it will not give you too much pressure increase, but allows you to over school textbook sentences, vocabulary, grammar rapid and effective review and consolidate. This is the fast learning of the "storage, memory, activate the" three key processes in the process: the activation.
Third, to meet the test, you should always do several sets of questions. You will realize that you would say that sentence can be very effective in helping you deal with a wide variety of exams.
High means a change means a new habit, which means a solid basic skills training, because of its special nature, where parents need to supervise and guide students to do well to review and preview: after school or at home carefully review the focus of the teacher, the latter read aloud a few times and remember. Read a few times, try to figure out the problem, write in a notebook, to consult students or teachers. Then press the teacher will require careful preparation, the focus of the place plus sign in order to focus on the teacher talked about comparing yourself to experience the joy of success in thought. At the same time we do a pretty good idea, so to grasp the initiative in learning.
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