How to transform English learning difficulties

Since English students with learning difficulties are more large gap, uneven levels. Most of them showed little willingness to learn, do not even want to learn. English students with learning difficulties caused by many factors: teaching English, students in the classroom listening, mind reading, a classroom will quickly forgotten. Students learning English arises fear of hardship, and even weariness. Parents influence children's learning (especially English as an additional subjects appear) indifferent, or too high expectations for children to learn the family environment is also an important aspect can not be ignored. Over time, learning English do not understand something piled up, so that they have lost interest in learning English, emotional weariness and antagonism. "English curriculum standards" core philosophy is people-oriented, emphasizing at the same time for all students, individual attention to students, respect for individual differences, therefore, as much as possible how to narrow the gap between students, students with learning difficulties to do the conversion work is each of us must take seriously the teachers and research questions. Here I English students with learning difficulties conversion work of some of their own ideas:
  1, students with learning difficulties to conduct a detailed analysis to identify the causes of the disease. Some students with learning difficulties learning attitude is not correct, the lack of consciousness in learning English. Such students must strengthen the ideological education at the same time, more supervision, complemented by some critics when necessary. More mathematical poor students are not working hard, but a poor foundation, the ability to accept poor or wrong way to learn and so on. Sima Zhao as three classes, so students should take to protect their enthusiasm to discuss Endeavour way with them.
  2, students with learning difficulties should be noted motivational, cultivate an interest. More mathematical difficulty students learning English was difficult, lack of confidence, lack of enthusiasm. The main causes are not interested in learning English, or in excess of the usual learning setbacks hurt their enthusiasm for learning, or that are not useful to learn English. Sin is such a group of Mr Young, so teachers and making them understand the importance of English to learn, to educate them and consciously aspire to learn. This is a social responsibility motivation. At the same time let them feel that learning is interesting, spontaneously to learn. This is the kind of motivation and learning activities directly linked. So, pay attention to the process of teaching a lively, relaxed and happy. Can cause the interest of students. So that they maintain personal hobby lasting motivation.
   3, treat students with learning difficulties to be more encouragement, enthusiasm to help avoid negative criticism. More mathematical poor students have varying degrees of inferiority, there is always a psychological fear, afraid of making mistakes, fear of teachers blame, fear of classmates ridiculed. They need to trust teachers, students, care, love and help. Teachers should treat them the same treatment as eugenics, and enthusiasm to help them, so that they establish a good self-concept, eliminating the inferiority complex. Thereby actively engaged in learning. Teachers must not make negative criticism. Students with learning difficulties have the desire to learn. When they see through their own efforts, teachers and students to help get a little success, they will be able to learn English firmer confidence. And want to catch up with or exceed others. Interest in learning will be more intense. This is the "success - interest" principle embodied in Teaching. So when the students with learning difficulties learning to make progress, the teacher is necessary and timely encouragement, and encouraged them to the next level.
  4, to improve learning difficulties sooner the better. Many students with learning difficulties are due to the accumulation of gaps caused by diehard. Give each student the opportunity to start from scratch. Teaching from reality, pragmatic, steady, pay close attention to the foundation, fill the gaps. Have a good word will be read off and memory off, while paying attention to the voice, grasp verbal training, eliminating the "deaf." This is a critical transition students with learning difficulties.
   5, hierarchical teaching methods, create equal opportunity to participate in classroom exercises for students with learning difficulties. English is a very practical course. Only a lot of practice, a lot of practice to learn. Especially for students with learning difficulties. Therefore, teaching is not scripted, not simply eugenics. According to the actual level of the students, hierarchical teaching, so that all levels of students have equal opportunity to participate in classroom practice. Students with learning difficulties to exercise is designed to allow them to hop hop can pick the fruit. Not be too difficult to ensure their success experience and confidence.
  6, to give students with learning difficulties pointing methods to reduce their learning difficulties. Learning English has two characteristics, a practice, one method. Only the right way, a lot of practice in order to learn English. Therefore, teachers should give students guidance some learning methods, teach them to walk. So they will be easier to learn, easier. While teachers themselves should continue to study and improve teaching methods to improve teaching art, promote active learning difficulties consciously learning.
   7, for students with learning difficulties to strengthen tutoring. Effective tutoring students with learning difficulties to improve English scores an important part. For many students with learning difficulties, many problems in the classroom to say again is impossible to solve, must pay more after-school tutoring. Counseling students with learning difficulties to achieve a given object, given time, a given task, set goals. Teachers and students to work together, students with learning difficulties and gradually narrow face, while targeted, first identify the cause, and then prescribe the right medicine. Students tasted the sweetness of learning, naturally want to learn English, with the improvement of performance.
  8, for the cooperation of parents. English is a language, to be "listening, speaking, reading and writing" a lot of training in four areas, due more to teach the class, students with learning difficulties but also as a number, but I am a person's energy is limited, there is no active parents with, it is difficult to complete the learning task. So take advantage of parents, and parents and other visitors the opportunity to contact them often, for their cooperation, and urge their children with homework, listen to the tape, endorsement, silent words and so on. Parents with learning difficulties to improve student achievement is also a great role.
   In short, the transformation of English students with learning difficulties is an arduous and long-term iterative process. But as long as we care for students with learning 
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