SIJIFENGXING International Culture Exchange Corporate welcomes you. SIFX offers teaching programs that will fit anyone's schedule, budget, interests and passions WITH GOOD PAYMENT!! We have lots of schools separated in different parts of China, that’s mean you will have the opportunity to travel around in China. Feel the different tradition of China, taste different food or are beguiled by the beauty of the landscapes. So move your hands now contact me we will make your dream come true.
Most schools request their teachers to be there 1-2 weeks early for orientation and training
QUALIFICATIONS for the volunteers:
1. Willing to stay for at least 4 months
3. Native English speaker or near native speaker
3. Formal teaching qualifications are desirable, but not necessarily required
4. Although it adds to your experience, no pre-existing Chinese language skill is required,

TYPICAL RESPONSIBILITIES (variable by location):
1. Work schedule will be from Monday to Friday
2. 18~23 classes per week, each class lasting 45 mins.
3. September through December, and March through June terms, with possibilities to teach during semester breaks
4. Arrival in Beijing two weeks prior to the term commencement so this time you must arrive before August 24th and then have an orientation for one week freel of charge..

TYPICAL REIMBESMENT (variable by location):
1. the basic pay for every month
2. Assistance of a bilingual teacher 
3. Registration and enrollment assistance, pre-departure materials, ongoing support
4. Private living accommodations
5. Three meals per day at the school
6. Airport pick-up
7. Learn Chinese, Gongfu, Taiji, Chinese painting and other cultural skills
8. If you stay with it for multiple terms, travel costs might be reimbursed.

ForeignerHR English First has year-round recruitment with new ESL Jobs in China every week. With over 120 schools in 60 cities across China, ForeignerHR is by far the largest recruiter of native English speaking ESL teachers in China. We are looking for confident, native-speaking English teachers who are ready for the adventure of a lifetime.
ESL jobs in China
"I now have a greater understanding of the Chinese people: how they live their lives, how they see the future, and how they look at the outside world."
ESL jobs that open up global opportunities
A job with us is more than just a year teaching English in China. It is a professional adventure! Our ESL teaching positions include the possibility of career progression across the entire ForeignerHR organization, which is today 37,000 employees in 500 schools and offices around the world. We offer you global career development with a number of options. Many teachers have continued to teach ESL at ForeignerHR schools around the world or have transferred to curriculum development, recruitment, or marketing positions within ForeignerHR.
A dream ESL job, with a safety net
Life in China can be both richly rewarding and deeply challenging. Throughout your time teaching ESL with ForeignerHR, we will be there to help you overcome those challenges. With our years of experience hiring native teachers for ESL jobs in China, we have developed a comprehensive induction program to make the first days and weeks of your new job more manageable. We'll help you sort out your life so you can focus on your new ESL job in China.